Circular thinking may be costing you money

Is circular thinking keeping you working in circles?.


The circular thinking process, also known as Circular Reasoning,
is basically just that.  You create a thought that does not go beyond
your original starting point.  

Let me take something that everyone is familiar with – making money.

Some of us have a grasp of how to create and have an income, but even
with that many people still feel the need to have more.  What do you do?

The starting point for your circular thought is that “I need more money”.

So you explore some ways to bring in extra cash. You rule out a second job,
you don’t want to ask friends and family for cash, so you think that
starting a business is a good idea.  Then you get to thinking, “Well, I can’t
start a business because “I will need more money“.

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Killing your productivity with Circular Thinking

Whether you are in business online, or just trying to get through life,
the way you deal with your own thoughts can make or break your success.

Everyone has a tendency to fall into the trap on occasion where they get
sidetracked by something.

The internet marketing, blogging, or doing anything online where you
are trying to make a few dollars, or even just get people to your site so
that you can provide them with information, can be a challenge for most of us.


There are really only a few things that you need to do to get a business
going online, but those few things can get really complicated very quickly.
Why? It is because of circular thinking.  This is a common problem, especially
if you are just starting out online.  It even affects those of us who have been
working online for a while (guilty as charged!).

The circular thinking that takes place is the idea that you have to do more,
spend more, and worry more, but you still seem to end up in the same place
that you started.  The worry comes from all the spending and doing that
doesn’t seem to work no matter how much you do.  Ever been there?

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Circles to Lines

Now it’s time to straighten out those thoughts. Bear in mind that you will no longer
be a “Big Wheel”:) No more circles!

Here are a few suggestions that may help keep you from running in circles.

1. Before you start any project, large or small, write down EXACTLY what you
are going to do, how much time you want to take, and how you are going to do it.
The less time that you waste going from thing to thing, and trying to figure out
everything as you go, the less time you will waste, and the more focused you will be.

2. Give yourself 30 minutes and check yourself to make
certain that you are still on task and not engaging in circular thinking again.
If at the end of the 30 minutes you are still on target, then run another 30 minutes.

3. Did you meet your 30 minute goal?
Maybe you you initially set out to write a blog post. After 30 minutes,
you are now trying to adjust the color of an image. Maybe that image
is part of the post, but you haven’t gotten the post written. You can
always add in the images later, or add the image, finish the post,
and go back and adjust the image.

When you get distracted by things that keep you from your original goal,
you will end up getting very little done in the end.