Most people worry about their financial health.  Work, make more money. 
Get more stressed – make more money.  I have just one question?  If your health gets so bad 
that you can’t enjoy living, then what good is all of that money going to do you?  Not much.


                     So the debate goes on – which one is more important?

        We all want to have money, and most of us want to be healthy.  The difficulty comes
when we want to go to the gym, but have to work on that important project at work that will 
require staying late every night for the next two weeks.  Then out of town for meetings, then . . .

            If you have a family, are making minimal money, or are maybe climbing that all important
“Corporate Ladder” of one sort or another, then you are likely to choose staying late and putting
in all those additional hours of work in order to keep the money coming in. This is certainly a
very commendable, and often necessary thing to do. However, there is also the importance of
keeping fit and healthy in addition to making those extra dollars.