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Your health




Have you ever been asked “How’s your health?”  What do you say – “My finances are just fine”? or “I feel just great!”?.  Most people associate health with the physical.  There is also the fiscal aspect to health.

There are a few major factors that should
be addressed in order for you to benefit both fiscally and financially.

Due to today’s lifestyles and political landscapes, what is happening is that our money AND our health are both taking a beating.  Find out what you do to save money and improve your health.  If your health is…



  Are You Getting YOUR

            Word Out?

Some of us have blogs that are doing well. Others of us have no clue as to where to even begin.

The software for a blog was developed to create a more organized system than the traditional website.  As such, this software is referred to as a Content Management System  (or CMS).  

You may, or may not see labels such as  “Categories” or “Archives”, or you will often see a “Search” function located on the page of a blog which usually near the top of the page.

There are different types of . . .

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