Olympic Effort And Your Business Goals

If you are not putting olympic effort into your business, then you may need to re-focus.

     Olympic Effort

I did not have anything close to Olympic Effort for my business when
I first began my internet venture. I was ready to burn the letters
off of the keys on my keyboard, because I was so excited to
start my internet business. Things worked so slowly at first
that I thought that I was going to be a miserable failure at this
internet marketing stuff. I therefore turned down my “Burners”
so to speak. As a result, I never got off of the starting blocks.

I didn’t really lose interest, but I wasn’t putting in the time
that was required to get my business off of the ground and
moving forward. I was working hard, but due to not paying
attention to the correct things that were going to make my
business a success, things did not work out as I had planned.

So where does this “Olympic Effort” come into play?
It comes in every time that you even think about your business, and
in every step that you take when you are building a your business.

There are 3 major things that you must focus on when you
start a business in order to drastically improve your chances
of long-term success.

These 3 things are:

1. Olympic Effort and Motivation.

Without staying motivated, you may not find you or your business
advancing. Motivation helps you to work more effectively and have an
olympic focus on your goal.

Just because you start a business today, and are motivated to do
great things, it certainly does not mean that you will still feel that
same motivation 6 months from now. It is also not uncommon for your enthusiasm
to drop off as time passes, especially if your business is not thriving,
and you find that you need to put in even more time and effort than you do now.

With the online failure rate in excess of 90% it is more important than ever
to create a style of work that increases motivation, and allows for the enjoyment and
profit that comes from being your own boss, and helping others.

To help you maintain your motivation you can begin by asking yourself
“Why Did I start my business?”. You had a reason, a purpose, and a dream.
Re-connect with those early feelings that motivated you in the beginning.
Your motivations are still there, you just need to go back for a visit so that
you can keep that Olympic Effort going strong.

2. Olympic Effort and an Open Mind

Creating a mental “Rut” can be as dangerous to a business as
not having a focused goal, or knowing the dynamics of the potential
customers to whom you are going to market.

Pay attention to the details of your business. All businesses will
need some tweaking to make them more streamlined and profitable.
by keeping track of your business analytics you can greatly improve
your bottom line and attract more potential customers.

Don’t fear change when you find that something is not working the
way that you expected. Give your strategies their chance to work, but
when they are not producing the way that they should, then re-evaluate
where the problem might be and make the necessary changes.

Pay attention to what is working for others. Don’t be afraid to adopt
another, or a different strategy with new ideas that you think might benefit your business.
Be innovative, but remember that the things that successful marketers
are doing are the things that are working. Also, keep tabs on the needs of
your market as they may change. Remember, sometimes it is the little things
that can make the biggest difference.

3. Olympic Effort and Consistency

You have your goal, you know who you are marketing to, and since
you have worked hard to get your business strategies in place, you now need
to continue to stick with your program.

If you have a blog that requires new information each day, then
it is especially important that you provide that information. If you
have a membership site where your members expect new information on a
daily or weekly basis, then it is up to you to provide them with what
they are paying for each month. Also, this will increase your credibility.

Keeping up with your business analytics is something that many
marketers fall behind on, and lose track of early on in their first months
of business. It is important to keep up with the numbers and the market
that is bringing in your potential customers. Remember the statistics
are that 90% plus end up out of business within their first year online.

Maintaining consistency of effort in your productivity, motivation,
and your focus, is an often overlooked key to having success both in business
and in life. Finally, consistency will create a business that will attract
attention, bring in customers, generate business success for years to come,
and will give you a “Gold Medal” rewards for all of that Olympic Effort that
you have put into your business.


doing my best,
so that you can do yours.