How to maintain when the world around you is going nuts

How To Maintain

As a Performance Psychology Specialist/Coach (God I hate
all this hypey credential crap, but you need to know what I do)
I know that you go through a lot of varied emotions
during your working day.

Whether you are working online or offline, you still have
those elements that drive you NUTS!

You know what I’m talking about. You’re right at the end
of a new section you are writing, and your computer decides
that it’s time to take a nap. It quits and you are S.O.L.
(in case you don’t know what S.O.L. is, you might be able
to find one on Ebay – kidding of course).

You’re on a road with no one behind you, yet someone
decides that they need to get out of their driveway
before you reach it. The catch is that they wait until
they can read the VIN number on your windshield!

You are either holding your breath in hopes that you will
pass out, stretch down your foot so that it pushes down hard on the
gas pedal, and you can take out that crazy S.O.B. (also on Ebay)
but not yourself (you’re relaxed, remember?).

We all have our good days (been waiting for 27 years now), and
our bad days (yep, today was another one for me). But, they
come and go.

How To Maintain Yourself

Now how do we combat, and work with the things that we
really can’t do much about?

I have mentioned getting organized. Getting more organized
can take a lifetime of aggravation away for many people.

Not everyone is very good at it. Actually, most people
are not. I am one who is not, even though I know most of
the tricks, tips, and ins and outs of the “How To’s”.

I think it is mostly inbred. I have a step son who when he
was only 3 years old used to line up his toys in lines.

His sister was different. She would take all of the books
off of a shelf and throw them in piles on the floor, also
all of the pots and pans she could manage to get out
of the cabinets.

Sister has a PhD, and brother is in the Navy. Sister still
make piles on the floor, and brother has no choice but
to line things up in an orderly fashion – including himself.

Damn! went off on another tangent. See, I’m not all that
organized. So, if you are not, and if something helps me,
it should certainly help you.

On the other hand, if you ARE organized . . . HELP!

I want to know your secrets!

Okay, back to not being serious.

When you have to deal with things that are
just ungodly awful, and you want to vomit
on your boss, do-worker(s), dog, wife, or
whatever and whoever, you will want to do
one of two things:

1. Go ahead and vomit! Do the projectile thing
so that you get the most benefit out of it.


2. Open the door to the box that you are presently in,
and take a look at what is happening – from the outside.

If everyone else is nuts, do you have to be? No!

You always have choices. Sometimes it is more effective
to stand up, stand your ground, and be firm. At other times
it is just as easy to just listen, don’t take what is said
personally, and move on.

Yes, when do you stand firm, and when do you listen.

If you are trying to be efficient, which is turn leads to
better productivity, the sooner that you get out of any
turmoil, the better. Agreed? Okay.

When you are in a situation that is very important,
affects others (as well as you), and you KNOW
that something is the wrong thing, then it is good
to stand your ground.

On the other hand, if someone (like the motorist
who likes to read VIN numbers) take you on, or
a co-worker gives you grief, then isn’t it best to
grab a cold drink (well, maybe that kind, just don’t drive),
and give yourself “Brain Freeze” and “Chill”?

This is easier to do for some people, but not so
easy for others. That said, it is never really “Easy”.
What you do is just mentally tell people off and
keep your mouth shut. Take those deep breaths,
and walk away.

Efficiency, organization, work habits, and a multitude
of other facets all go into being more productive.

If you want to get more productive, then you really
should check this out.

To your continued success,