Ideas – is there a way to generate ideas more easily?

Ideas, do they just seem to “Come” to you.  They usually happen when you are
driving, working, walking the dog, or doing almost anything.  

What about when you are working on a project and you need ideas?
How do you go about generating those “Genius” answers that solve all of those problems
that your project has created?

Problem solving is as old as the creatures that first walked the earth.
The difference between them and you (and me) is that man
has been able to develop specific methods to coax our brains
to be able pull out information that we otherwise would not be able to grab.

Our minds can become almost limitless

in what they can do when we learn to control our methods of thinking.
Tapping into these resources is something that requires just a little practice,
but once you learn how to create new ideas, then you can have better ideas.
Also, this allows you to create ideas faster than you might imagine.

It is always helpful to be relaxed when working on things that require answers
that need to be solved. Certainly the obvious rears its head. Just how many jobs

allow for relaxation during a workday? Not many. So with so many questions to be answered,
and so many problems to be solved, just how does all of this work?

The answer is through idea generation. This process, called Ideation, is simply
the triggering of already known methods, and allowing them to create yet other ideas.

Consider this as a tree. You have the main trunk, or the original “Working Idea” when you begin.

Then you generate other ideas from the main “Working” idea. These form some of the branches
of this “Ideation Tree”. Those branches, therefore, create offshoots to form other ideas.

                                            This is called the Creative Process.

                                   The process involves only a few easy steps.

You first need that “Original” idea, that main trunk of your idea tree.
You can then generate offshoots from that main idea. Once you have several main ideas (branches),
you can then, obviously, choose the most relevant solution that best fits your needs.

Get a better understanding
It will describe this entire process
in much greater detail.

Imagine Being Able To Generate ENDLESS Ideas . . .



The creative process is spelled out step-by-step in the above manual.
As stated, creativity is a process, and there are certain “Methods to the Madness”
that make your mind open up to new things.

By unleashing your mental creativity, you not only get a new feeling of control,
but you will also allow your mind to easily step over those mental “Stumbling Blocks” that
are often thrown in front of you when you are trying to create new ideas.