Don’t Stop Success


No More Stopping
Your Success!


      Success is one of those things that many people attribute to “Dumb Luck”.
Say that to someone who who has become successful successful through
hard work and personal effort, and you may hear a different story.

      Success has a different meaning for different people, but the bottom line is
that success has methods and rules.  Learn them and use them, and you
succeed.  Break the rules (some are made to be broken, but not these basics),
and you may find yourself back where you began.

What Are Some Of These Basics?

      Here are a few simple things that may help you on your journey to success.

      You may already be aware that people waste time when at work.  This is more prevalent when part or all of your work is done on a computer.
Computers steal enormous amounts of people’s time – EVERY DAY. 
We all know that we waste time once in a while.  Do you know how much time the average person wastes every day on a computer?  Over 3 hours!

      Many people reading this are trying to get started working for themselves. 
If you are one of them, then you know that time wasted, is money wasted.

success wasted

       So, what is the # 1 most important thing that you can do for yourself?
Wasting time can make or break your success. It is sneaky, hides itself, creeps up on you, and then laughs in your face when you notice the lost time.  Keep yourself streamlined by identifying the things that waste your time.

     For the entrepreneur who is trying to start a business from home, especially
if the business relies on a computer to get and give out information, wasted time can be a real, and dangerous, problem for a start-up business.  Statistics show that the majority of new internet businesses fail within the first year.

Will Your Business Survive? 

      Mistakes will always be made.  Even though we learn from our
mistakes, what do mistakes do?  They take up more of our valuable time!
We may not be able to totally eliminate our mistakes, but we can reduce our
wasted time and improve the value of our efforts. 

      What else can you do to make your time count?  Know what you are
going to do before you begin any task.  This requires a bit of thought and
writing down a brief plan.  Planning ahead will solve many problems, and will also save you a lot of time.

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