Your autoresponder can make or break it for you – learn what to write

Your autoresponder – what to feed your list

As a internet marketer, potential marketer, or if you already
have an offline business of some kind, but are ready to
take it to the world via your computer, then listen up.
You may already have an auto responder and are writing
“Gazillions” of emails. I hope that is the case, but just in
case you are in the category of still trying to get things going,
or just getting started, there are some things that are
really important that you should know.

When you write your emails to put into your autoresponder:

1. Do they make sense?
Your information must make sense to your subscriber.
If your subscribers came to your list wanting to know
about the latest trends in smart phones, and you tell
them about cake decorating, that makes no sense, and will
probably send them running.

2. Does each message fit together with the next?
When you write your emails, while not always
necessary, also consider writing something that
is in a two or three part sequence.

3. Is each email about something different?
If your emails jump around too much from subject to
subject, then you could lose a person’s attention.

5. Are you providing the information your readers want?
My focus is on a number of things that include marketing.
I am a Performance Psychology Consultant, and therefore
address any number of issues that can influence success
in any arena (i.e. anything performance related). So, I must
be careful that I don’t throw out too much about too many
things. If I do, then I likely lose people’s attention.

Most topics can carry with them any number of facets that
can be written about. When you write your emails, and keep
them focused to your reader’s interests.

4. Do you just keep pushing offers?
The final thing to consider is that if you do affiliate marketing,
or have a few products that you have created, then offer
them with the intent to help the person, and NOT just sell
your wares through every email, because people will likely
leave your list.

To your online success,


P.S. Here is one more thing to think about. . .
90+ percent of working online involves writing. Sales copy,
emails, blog posts, etc. all involve writing.

How do you know that you are getting the right message across?

You can make sure that your words are working by clicking here