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Your “Get Unstuck” workshop

Join me for a 45 minute workshop

where you will. . .

1. Learn what things force you to a standstill

2. Find out how to determine which of your fears are real 

3. Identify what things cause you to “Spin Your Wheels”

4. Understand why most stress is based in fear

5.  How to break through your personal roadblocks



(Keep reading to find out what it is)

This is a workshop that will give you the information that will
help you to overcome many of the personal “Demons” that may
haunt you on any given day.

After careful thought, I have decided to go ahead with this
workshop that is designed to move you one step closer to
what you REALLY want – or, maybe just think you want.

There are no strings, no B.S., and there will be nothing to buy.
I will address several common main issues, and then take your questions.

Again you will learn:

=> What actions come with fear
=> How to untangle your “Tangles”
=> Why your wheels spin but you don’t move
=> Fears, are yours real or unrealistic?
…and more.

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The only thing that I ask in return is for your feedback such as:

1. How you liked (or didn’t like) the workshop.

2.What did not come up, but you would like to have learned.

3. What I might do differently to make
things easier to understand to improve the experience.

This is the last free workshop that I will be giving
for a long while. NOW is the time to take advantage
of this golden opportunity.

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There is no obligation,
and no charge (but I would like your feedback).

About that Special Bonus…

I will randomly choose, and give 3 people who attend
this workshop
a FREE 15-20 minute phone call
with me personally to help you – NO SELLING!

Another time I might ask you for that “Arm or Leg”,
but not this time. This one’s on me!

In other words, this is a great deal for
everyone who attends.

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