Do your readers really “Hear” what you are writing?

Say What You Mean, And …

Mean What You Say. 

Dear Friends,

         How often have you read things online, or otherwise, that have just left

you shaking your head?

         Did you ever go back and re-read any of copy that you had previously written and wondered 

“What was I thinking”?  Anyone who is serious about their writing has surely face this situation many

times and knows the importance of using the right word(s) at the right time.    

         Have you ever spent hours on Christmas eve trying to put together a child’s toy using

the “Easy” included directions?  That may be why no one wants to read directions anymore.

         Writing directions is one thing, but if you are in the marketing business, then every

word must have direction and meaning.  Each sentence must be designed to sell.  No word

can be misplaced, no comma can be left out, and misspelled words are the kiss of death 

when you are writing copy that is intended to infuence your reading audience. 

         A friend of mine wrote to me a few years back about his grandfather.  Normally, I  would not

remember such things, but because this was so funny, I will remember it forever.  He had asked his

grandfather what his favorite things were.  He wrote to me that his grandfather told him:

“My favorite things are eating my motorcycle and grandma”.   

         My friend obviously was not paying much attention in his English class, and did not know

what a comma was, or how to use it.  Putting a comma after eating and motorcycle is more likely

what was intended.  It now reads “My favorite things are eating, my motorcycle, and grandma”.

After all, just how many times can you eat grandma?

         The above example is just one of many mistakes that are easily made by writers 

who are either not paying attention to what they are doing, do not have a good grasp of writing the language, 

or do not go back and proofread their work.  Oh yeah, it might be all of the above.  

         Let’s cut to the chase.  As marketers we all want to, and know the importance of being able to: 

                                             1. Convey your ideas 

                                             2. Deliver exacting information 

                                             3. Develop your client and customer trust 

                                             4. Create continued interest for your readers

                                             5. Punch readers in the eyes – with your words