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*Graphic Creations

Graphic Creations training will teach you all of the basics that you need to know in order to create, and edit images that you can use for advertising, ebook covers, tutorials, demos, infographics, and any number of other applications.

This course is designed for simplicity, and is very easy to follow.

It is basic, and there are shortcuts, but this training teaches you the easiest way to accomplish most anything that you will need to use to generate stunning graphics.

This is all taught using free graphics software which is compatible for both Windows and Mac.

The course consists of 5 training modules.

The cost of this course is

only $27.

Blog Set-up


*Setting up your blog

There is nothing worse than deciding that you are going to start a blog, and then you get bogged down in the details.

It is easy to be fooled into believing that blog set up is going to be a “Piece of cake”.

Well, in case you haven’t yet noticed,


Avoid the pitfalls that can bog you down.
=> Choosing a theme
=> Widgets
=> Sidebars
=> Headers

Every theme is different, and will have different customizations options.

This valuable course is

only $17

Web Hosting

Domain Hosting

It is difficult to find a reliable, and knowledgeable hosting service that does not charge you out the “Wazoo” for every little service that they provide.

This valuable course is being offered at only:

The hosting service that I use, and that comes through quickly for me every time that I have a problem is hostthename.com 

You can check them out by clicking on their name above, or the image below.

* All courses are downloadable, and can be viewed on your own computer at your own pace.