Traffic Jam on your "Bread"
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          Once in a while there is so much interest in a topic, that people will
     click on a link (which may be on thousands of web sites), and what
     happens is that the servers just cannot handle the traffic that is
     generated.  This creates an internet Traffic Jam.   The word Bread
     was once used as an expression that meant “Money”, so we will take
     a look at how the kind of traffic you get to your web site affects
     how you make money.

          This is usually called Going Viral.  This can be done with a blog post,
     a web site review, a video, or almost anything that is of high interest
     to the majority of internet readers and viewers.  

          Getting something to go viral is every internet marketer's dream.
     It seems that some people just have a knack for creating these
     viral traffic jams, and other people can't get people to their web site
     no matter what they try to do.  

          How is it that one person can create an internet performance that
     attracts tons of visitors, and others can't seem to gather any interest,
     or visitors?  Is it that so many people just have bad ideas?  Are most
     of the people who want to get eyes to their web site just not
     smart enough to get people interested?  On the contrary, most
     people who are putting up web sites are actually pretty smart.
     So, why doesn't anything that they try work to get visitors?

          Maybe you are one of these people who are struggling to get traffic.
     Is your dream to get something – anything, to go viral?  If so, what
     affect do you think that it will have on the money that you will make?

          If you are lucky enough to get viral interest in something that you 
     put up on a web site, then you will be getting literally thousands of
     people coming to your site, in a very short span of time.  This may
     not have the affect that you would like.  If your web host is not equipped
     to handle such a large amount of web site traffic, then your site may
     actually be shut down.  You now lose any advantage that you had 
     if what you put up does go viral.

        Trying to make a lot of money online is really difficult, but making
     a steady, liveable income can be done much easier .  Marketers need traffic;
     most marketers want a lot of traffic.  When you get viral traffic, you get
     a lot of people looking at what you have put out on the internet.  Some of
     these people will probably be interested in signing up to your mailing list.  
     This will be a very, very small percentage of those who come to your web site
     to see what all of the commotion is about.

             For those just wanting a lot of viewers, then Social Media is a 
     great way to get eyes to your web site if you have a really "HOT"
     item.  Videos seem to get the most viral attention.  It is usually
     some pet doing something really crazy, or some young person
     who manages to do something out of the ordinary.

             One such viral post was a picture of a cat that chased a black bear
     up a tree.  The picture shows this little orange cat sitting at the
     bottom of the tree looking up at the bear (hugging tightly to the tree).
     "Cat Trees Bear".

             A video that went viral was showing a very young boy (around 6 years old) 
     lifting an amazing amount of weight.  If I  remembercorrectly, it was over 100 lb.
     but it is more than I can lift.  So, if you have something that is not staged,
     and is either funny, unusual, or just plain weird, you just may have
     a viral "Winner".

            What marketers really need, and want, is Targeted Traffic.  
     Targeted traffic is traffic that is interested in your information
     and your offers even BEFORE they come to your web site.
     This is your Money Traffic that will make money for you on
     an ongoing basis.  


     Doing my best
     so that you can do yours.  


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