time is money, so make the most of your time

Everyone has heard the phrase “Time is Money”. Wasting time is also wasting part of your precious life. If you are young this means little to you, but if you are getting older, then you are certainly aware of how quickly time passes. Even if you are a younger person who is working hard to get ahead you can see evidence that time is fleeting in the way your days so often go by so fast, and you are still feeling like you have barely gotten anything done. How often are you left wishing that there were a couple more hours that you can squeeze into your day? Time just keep “chugging” along whether you are doing anything productive or not.  Time does not care whether you are rich or poor, young or old, male or female (or something else). I am sure that you have heard the phrase “Manage Time”. I ask you, how do you manage something that you cannot change?  Time simply exists. Not only that, man invented the word “Time” to explain the rising and setting of the sun, the seasons, and to make things more orderly. I will not delve further into the philosophical aspects of “Time”, and whether it exists or not.  For our purposes, it exists, but there is no managing time. One thing to think about, and what may be difficult for you to understand, is that if you are not using your time to your benefit, if you are not maximizing your daily allotment of time (24 hours), then you are going to wake up some day and wonder what you have done with your life, and why is it that you never really managed to accomplished much of anything?
think time

Here are 3 things that will make you more money

1. Get as organized as you can. Before you begin any project, try to get everything that you will need in order. The more organized that you can be, the more time you will save.
2. Avoid as much distraction as possible. This is a real time-waster for most people. Online videos, cell phones, and email are a few of the worst offenders.
3. Always give yourself a goal. Write it down and make it simple. Always double check your work as you go. Break things into sections, and when you finish a section make sure things are correct. Don’t re-write everything, just make certain that all of the major things are in place. You can go back and tweak later.
Only you have the ability to structure what you do, within the framework of your life, and only then can you actually make headway with your life – that is, if you structure for progress. It is really easy to grab those few extra hours of sleep, check to see if you have any new emails, or make a call to your friends rather than start on something you have already been putting off. Careful planning, and thoughtful use of how you run your life will go a long way to creating what most people consider a “Successful Life”. Robert Bates, rbmarketmagic.com