The #1 Thing That Will Guarantee Your Failure!

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to "Make It", while others, who seemingly work hard, are left in the dust?

Maybe you have even even wondered "HOW" people make it, whe you have been working your butt off to make things happen - with little or no success.

It is as simple as 1 - 2 - 3.  Here are the steps:

1. They

 2. Don't

3. Quit

But, let us explore this just a bit further.

You maybe run out of money - maybe a good reason to quit,
but some people don't have any money when the begin, but still
manage to make things happen.  Some people seem to be able to
create something out of nothing.  So much for "No Money".

You don't have any more time to spend on this nonsense, it just
keeps costing you more and more money, and you never seem
to get anything in return. Yet, we all have 24 hours each day. 
Yes, some people may be a little busier than others are, but
there are those people who will stay up a little later, get up 
a little earlier, and will be more focused.

"I'm just too frustrated to continue". 
All I can say to that is "Aren't We All!" 

"Nothing ever works for me, so why bother?"
--> There is usually a reason why things don't work.  
--> Maybe you find yourself unusually distracted. 
--> You have the right idea, but you are doing the wrong things.
--> Your are doing the right things, but not enough.

There are any number of reasons to quit, but most of them
will not stand up to scrutiny.  The old saying that "Where 
there's a will, there's a way" still holds true today.

Certainly things beyond our control can stop you from
moving forward, but it should only be temporary.
It all depends upon your desire, motivation, and
the amount of effort that you are will to put into something
that will make the difference.

Remember, success is not built upon the "What do I do IF I succeed?", but success happens when you say "What do I do WHEN I make it?" 

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