productivity tips

time is money, so make the most of your time

Everyone has heard the phrase “Time is Money”.
Wasting time is also 
wasting part of your precious life.
If you are young this means little to you, but 
if you are getting older,
then you are certainly aware of how quickly time passes.
Even if you are a younger person who is working hard to get ahead

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Getting Started and Staying Motivated To Improve Productivity

Getting started and to stay motivated can be tough, but losing motivation can really be a productivity “Killer”.

Everyone finds themselves in the situation where they
either just don’t feel like doing things, or they are unable
to put their thoughts together which makes getting started
a bit difficult.

When getting started is a struggle, staying motivated to
continue moving forward can also be a struggle that can
be a real problem for your productivity.

how to stay motivated

Here are a couple of things that you can do to maintain
your thoughts, stay motivated, and keep your productivity.

First,be sure that you are organized.
Get together the things that you know you will need
before getting started for the day.  This will be one less
thing to worry about when you begin.

Everyone has SOME method of organizing,

it is just that some methods outperform others.
Whatever your method is, you can update it.

Find ways to consolidate some of the things
that you do to make them more efficient.

Things that you haven’t used for 10 years can
probably be discarded – unless they hold some emotional,
or financial, value.

The problem that you may have is that you consider
everything to have value.

Second, If you find yourself with a mental block,
take out a pad of paper and a pencil (not the computer
keyboard), and just start writing down ideas related to
your project.  At some point something WILL “Click” for you.

Third, If you just don’t seem to be motivated, then break up
your work into short 15-30 minute chunks of time.  Then take
a 10 minute break. You will likely find that at some point you
will be able to work better, and longer once you actually get started.

Doing my best,
so that you can do yours.