product value

What does it take to add value and market smarts?

So, just what DOES it take to add value and market smarts
in your business, or at least give the impression of having
that added value in your products or services?

Let me begin with a few questions.
– Does an auto have more value with, or without, wheels?
– Would you rather have a glass that is half-full, or half-empty?
– How much value do you see in “FREE”?

Let’s take these in order shall we. . .

1. That auto down the road that you have been looking at,
it has four wheels and runs – right? Would you buy it
at the same asking price if it had NO wheels?

Maybe. If it was a Classic that you were planning on
restoring anyway, and you knew you could make $10,000
when it is finished, then you might buy it anyway.

What if it was just a regular car that you wanted to
be able to drive to work, and use for a vacation or two?
You would likely want a discount on the car, because
it has no wheels.

Why is this? Perception!
2. Do you look at things as half-full, or half-empty?
We have probably heard this old saying thousands of times.

When you buy something, the advertiser (copywriter) will
attempt to always give you that “Half-Full” picture, and
paint the “Half-Full” scenario.

For example (and I will use the Internet Marketing niche),
you see an ad that tells you that you can generate traffic
on “Auto Pilot”. Glass half-empty.

What you are not told is that you have to
spend $1,000 for their software, spend days trying to figure
out how everything works, sign up to several websites that
work in conjunction with the software (if it is going to
run as they deomonstrated), and it will cost you another
$272 for these extras – the half-full side of it.

3. Everyone likes “Free” correct? But, just how much do you
expect to get for your free report, keychain, information,
ebook, or whatever? Do you think that you will learn more
than you already know? Hopefully, and occasionally, yes, you will

The real value (and information) usually comes from the
paid product that is promoted (half-full by the way) when
you download your free item.

Going back to the original question, “What does it take to add
value to something?” It is not a matter of adding value per-se,
but adding the perception of value. You also want to give value.

Many things are written, produced, and delivered that already
do have value. The problem is that people who see these items
are not seeing the “Half-Full” part, but instead they are seeing
the “Half-Empty” glass

It is not that the product or service does not already have value,
but the perception is that it is just not worth it, or it will
be there later (we all know that later never comes).

Make sure that you add value, and market smart every time you
write your advertising by keeping the perception of your target
audience in mind. Get to know your readers and find out what
they really want. Then give it to them. Just make
certain that what you give them really does have value.