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Why Be Productive And Does It Really Matter?

Why Be Productive Anyway?

Why would you want to be a productive person anyway?

What Is Your Motivation?

What Is Your Motivation?

The sad truth is that there are fewer and fewer people
who are really motivated, want to be productive, and are settling for
whatever life hands them. If you are reading this
article, then you are probably not one who is content
to sit around and stare at a computer or television screen
and your four walls every day.

Motivational speakers, the marketing gurus, career counselors,
and even many employers all seem to want to ask “What is your
goal in life?”, or “What do you see yourself doing 1 year
from now? 5 years from now? 10 years from now?”

While these are valid questions, and employers ask
for a very different reason (they do not really care about
you personally) you can be asked all day about what you want
to do and be, but if you aren’t going to put forth
any effort to get where you want “To Be”, then these
questions are meaningless to both him, and especially – YOU.

What goes into your being a productive person?

Being a productive person is more than just doing
things in an aimless way. If you are a productive
individual, then you find yourself doing things in
a more organized fashion, and with some sense
of purpose.

Millions of people get up each morning and go
to work. They put in their eight (8) or so hours
and then go home and watch the latest reality
show. All the while they are hating their job,
their bank account, and the life that they
are forced to endure.

There are also those individuals who have
decided what they want to do with themselves,
and have found a way to get “In The Door”
so to speak.

These people are doing what they want to do,
enjoying what they have accomplished, and
even though they may not be making a ton
of money, they are happy.

Are you happy with your life?

If you have unfortunately answered “No”, then
keep these three (3) things in mind:

#1) Look at and listen to your life
If you haven’t yet asked yourself what your
“Dream” job is, or what you would really like
to be doing, then NOW is the time to do it.
Don’t wait until tomorrow, don’t put it off
until you have time (you will never have the time),
but go and get a piece of paper and pen and
write down what you would most like to be doing.

I worked with a young man who worked at a
fast food restaurant for minimum wage.
He is married with 4 small children.
He hates his job, he argues with his wife
about money, and they can barely make
ends meet.

He said that he reads a lot, but his major and
most pleasurable past time is playing video games.
After only one session, he is now working a second
job – in a video game store. He has mentioned
becoming a software engineer so that he can
develop his own games.

#2) Focus on what is important to you
It is one thing to simply say “I would really like to…”
It is another thing to say “I am going to do, and
this is how I am going to do it!”. A more positive
statement will help you to increase your productivity.

One statement is very broad and could end up
going anywhere or nowhere. The second statement
is targeted, and has purpose. Which one do you
think is more likely to produce results?

#3) Don’t ever say “I Can’t Do This”
No matter what you do, when you do it, where
you happen to be, you will at some point find
yourself in a situation that you just “Can’t Stand”.
It is simply unbearable, unimaginable, hateful,
disgusting, and on and on.

Everything has its downside at some time or
another. How boring life would be without a
few challenges thrown into the mix. Without
the challenges, you will never know just what
kind of person you are, and just how much
personal fortitude and courage that you have
inside of you.

What I am going to tell you now may be the most
important statement that you have ever read…

Even when you think that you can’t – you can.
You can handle a great deal more than you ever have
thought that you could. You are a lot tougher than
even you are able to realize.

Now is the time to take action for your life. If you want to
learn more, then you must check out my free information which
simply called – “SUCCESS”.

Doing my best, so that you can do yours