Are You A Stressful Thinker Needing Help?

Are you a stressful thinker

Do you harbor thoughts that are stress producing,
or stress reducing?

Do you walk along the beach and think about the
shark that might jump out of the water at you,
and grab that drink out of your hand?


Do you walk on the beach and enjoy the water
washing up on the shore, and the sunset that
shines on the water and waves?

When the movie “Shark” first came out many years
ago, some people were so affected by it that they
did not even want to take a bath.

Sounds a bit silly now, but many people were so
frightened that they became irrational.

So today, you may have many problems that send
you into thinking about the worst case scenario,
“Only the worst can come out of this”.


You may decide that the only way out is to
sit down and think of what you can do to minimize
the fallout from the problem.

Two different lines of thought, but the same problem.
The first way, the stressful thinker way, is only going to produce
more anxiety, and likely more problems, health
not excluded.

When you are faced with a difficult situation,
and everything seems hopeless, rather than
giving up because you just can’t seem to find any answers,
talking to a friend, or a professional
should not be ruled out.

When you feel more stressed, you tend to think
to yourself in more stressful terms. For example,
if your car has a flat tire on the road, you may
begin to wonder, “What caused this”? Then you begin to
think well maybe there might be something else wrong
that could have contributed to the flat.
Never mind that you just ran over a nail,
your car is now starting to fall apart.
Funny thing is, it is only two days old.
Aren’t you happy that it is still under warrantee?

If you find yourself in a stressful situation,
you will want to try to calm yourself down,
take that deep breath, and don’t panic.
You can’t solve problems in panic mode.
The sooner you face the problem, the easier
it will be for you in the long run.

Pessimist, optimist. Your glass half-empty,
or half full. Whatever philosophy that you
have for dealing with stress, it is important
to be able to face your stressors head on,
or they will control you, instead of
you being in control.

Doing my best,
to help you do yours.