Self-worth – does it equal extra cash in your pocket?


Self-worth, and how you see yourself

can mean the difference between having extra money at the
end of the month, or needing an extra job.

Having self-worth, and being able to look more kindly on yourself,
has at least 2 major effects on how you do things.

1st Things 1st

– You are more likely to project self-confidence
in the things that you do. Others notice these things very quickly
and may turn away just as quickly.

What does this mean for your bottom line? If you lose
even one person who might have bought from you,
then you are losing valuable revenue that you can’t recoup.
Self-confidence is important in the world of business,
and in life. You can learn self-confidence just as you
can learn to play the piano. Just like the piano, you
must practice generating self-confidence and self-worth.
The more self-worth that you have, the more you are
willing to do the things that will generate a higher
lifestyle for yourself, and therefore, find more money
in your pocket.


How Do I Get, Or Re-gain, Self-confidence?

I really do wish that I could tell you about that
over-the-counter “Magic Pill” that they just came out with
because, it would make things so much easier, but unfortunately,
that pill has not yet been invented, at least to my knowledge.
Just an FYI about what I am going to say to you. Since you are
dealing with habits that have been your “Friends” (or otherwise)
for a gazillion years, it will take a little time and practice
for you to regain self-esteem and self-confidence.

1. Quit calling yourself names
If you have low self-esteem, then you are very prone to
take the blame for anything and everything. Therefore, you
go around telling yourself that “I’m stupid”,
“I am such a bonehead”, and other even less
flattering adjectives.
Here is a major “Marquee Moment” for you. . .
everyone is a “Bonehead” once in a while. And yes, we all
will call ourselves unkind things from time to time.
While you hopefully find that success follows you around,
you may be that person who can’t seem to catch
a break.
The difference between success and failure is that success
does not dwell on misfortune, but consumes opportunity.

2. Don’t Overthink!
Plan and be careful in what you do, but DO!
There are so many of my clients who tell me that they
are still “Trying to put things together”. or, that
they “Just can’t quite get it right” (whatever “Right” is).
The fact is, for example, if you are writing a post for your
blog, then you want to make certain that your spelling and
grammar are correct.
One reason that I am doing this now is that I saw a
very minor grammatical mistake on my PUBLISHED blog post.
YEP! I screw up too.

3. Ask Questions And Talk To Friends
First of all, if you need information, simply ask someone
rather than kicking yourself for not knowing the answers.
Also, I am inviting you to sign up with me here, so that I can
answer your questions when they come up.
Above all, if you are doubting yourself, talk to a friend.
If they are a friend, then they will at least be able to see
things objectively. Obviously, that is something that you
can’t do yourself.