Self-Perception – Looking For Your Success (part 1)

Do you look to yourself for your success.?   

What is self-perception, what does it have to do with success, 
and how does self-perception help achieve success?



Psychology has talked about self-efficacy and self-perception
 for many years, and there have been various definitions associated
 with the term self-efficacy (many slightly different) but the core 
message is the same.

In a nutshell, self-efficacy is the belief that you, as a person, 
has in yourself the ability to accomplish certain tasks. Being able to effectively finish tasks can have a great impact on how you feel about yourself, and how you live your life.

Self-efficacy also can often define how you see yourself 
in relation to others, your work, and your success.  You might also think of self-efficacy as self-perception.

How you think of yourself in various situations determines,
 in large part, how you are going to proceed when it comes 
to dealing with various situations.  Whether it is in school, at your job, or in other areas of
 your life, the way that you see yourself “Fitting In”, will
 determine just exactly how you relate, and react, to what 
confronts you in whatever situation that you may find yourself.

If you have had your self-image tarnished by inefficient or 
over indulgent parenting (in whatever form), then you may have
 a difficult time dealing with even the simplest of tasks in your

Your self-perception may also continue to diminish even though you may be very intelligent, and may give the
 outward appearance of having limited self-confidence.

You may have found yourself being told throughout your childhood 
that you were incompetent and inferior, and that you always 
were doing things wrong. 

You may have also been told that you just waste your time
 doing things that are unimportant and useless.
This kind of negative enthusiasm, as well-meaning as many 
parents may think that this might be, does little for the building
 of self-esteem and self-perception.

Self-perception is also harmed as you get older, and are confronted
 with the major, and often uncomfortable, task of deciding whether or not 
to accept the labels that have been placed upon you through 
associations with your parents, siblings, and peers.

Our self-perception is often influenced greatly by our immediate family, and our friends.