Quick and easy goals and how to set them

Quick and easy goals – make them and reach them.

Are you setting goals for yourself or your organization?

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to set, and reach your goals, then
this may just be the ticket that you have been looking for, in fact, this method will
likely take you the rest of the way to your goal.

Way back in the 1960’s two psychologists studied the effect of goal setting.
Locke and Latham found that goal setting can increase performance
in 90% of those who set goals.

 What does this mean for you?

The obvious is that goal setting will probably help you to be more effective
in your efforts, whatever they may be.  However, there is a “Catch” (isn’t
there ALWAYS a catch?).  The catch is that goal setting has its rules and
specifics in order to be highly effective.  

How many people do you know that write down a list of things that they
need, or want, to do each day (maybe you are one of these people)?

This quick and easy method of setting up your goals is actually an
abbreviated form of goal setting that makes it less cumbersome for
most people.

Just this simple method of keeping track of what needs to be done can be
highly effective for you, and is a great way to take care of your short,
and long-term goals.

quick and easy goals

If you have a goal that is going to be more time consuming, and complex (i.e. business planning,
achieving a sales goal, or having a weight loss goal), then you will probably want to construct
a more detailed, and also a more 
specific goal setting plan.  

Setting up your quick and easy goals does not have to be the boring and tedious
process as you may think.  Setting a goal(s) is as easy as 1-2-3, and should not take you
more than 5 minutes to set up a plan for your goal.  You can certainly take
longer if you wish, and in some cases you may want to, but initially, in most cases,
all that you need to do is to get a basic plan in place for a specific goal.

Remember to break down complex goals, so as a result you are creating
more simple, and more achievable goals.

For example, weight loss may be your goal, but it is also very complex.

You may wish to break it down into weekly or monthly goals, along with
and exercise plan, a diet plan, and whatever else that you may feel will
benefit your efforts.

Once your plan is in place, simply pay attention to your progress and,
most of all, you will also want to tweak your plans as needed.

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