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Which Door Will You Choose?

If opportunity knocks - are you ready to open the door?

Dear Fellow Marketer,

I am looking for a few people who are interested in expanding their reach into the internet marketing communities of the world.

Things have drastically changed very quickly over the past several years, and getting noticed NOW seems to be a monumental task.

I have recently been given an opportunity to do exactly the same things that I am about to offer to you.

My opportunity is now going to allow me to “Share the Wealth” with several internet entrepreneurs (maybe you) who are creating products, making some money, have a reasonably strong list, and are frustrated with all the changes that keep screwing things up for you.

Are you finding that you sales are down, and that you reach may be dwindling with all the Google algorithms that continually change? That is exactly what was (and still is) happening to me.

Not only that, my autoresponder service lost my ENTIRE email list!
I know exactly what it’s like to start over.

I want you to be a part of a new event that will couple the giveaway concept – AND, the summit platform.

This will draw more attention, and more visitors to this exciting event.


I do the work – you build your list.

What’s in it for you?

What's in it for me?

The opportunity to gain at least 100+ new subscribers to your list.

The opportunity to reach hundreds of people at once (not a webinar)

The opportunity to to help others with your knowledge

The opportunity to generate more sales – sounding better yet?

The opportunity to brand, and increase your image as an expert.

You will also get the email list of ALL attendees to your presentation.

PLUS . . .
you will have FREE access to all of the other presentations given at this event.

Here is all you need to do

Do a 30-45 minute video interview with me about your expertise 

Have a list of 300+, and be willing to email them about your interview 

Be making a minimum of $500 (or more) a month online.

(Optional) Refer other marketers for future events

(Optional) Consider doing future interviews

What’s the cost?

FREE! – if your list size is over 1,000

$10 if your list is under 1,000 (but must be at least 300)

What that means is that if you get 100 people viewing your interview, and you get all of their emails,
then for your $10 you are only paying 10 cents per lead.

I used 100 leads as a very conservative number.
The actual number of leads can be 1,000 or more.

It’s a great deal, and an even better


What if I don’t have a list?

If you don’t have a list, I still want to work with you.

Contact me at: [email protected]
Subject: Opportunity

To be considered as a speaker,
Contact me at: [email protected]
Subject: Speak


                                                        => As a speaker you will have the full attention of your audience.

                                                        => You will be able to solidly establish yourself as an expert.

                                                        => You can promote your website, book, program, or whatever you wish.