Goal Setting And How To Follow Through

Goal setting and following through on a plan are usually not compatible.

 Goal setting, and actually achieving that goal, are not always compatible.
Just because someone attempts a goal, does not
guarantee a successful experience.
Once you have learned how to achieve your goals,
it is not uncommon to see you come back for more.
There have been numerous athletes and business people
who have supposedly retired, and have ended up coming
back to do more of what they like to do. They now have
new goals to achieve.
It is not uncommon for people to decide to drop the things that
they are doing for a number of reasons. Therefore, if you stop your quest
for something that you are trying to achieve, make sure that you are
doing it for the right reasons.

It is possible that your reasons involve your health, or a move, or
it could be that you are changing to something that is working
better for you, and offers more opportunity.

What you don’t want to do is to just give up on what you
are working on, because you don’t seem to be making the
kind of headway that you think you should have.

It is often the case, when working toward any goal, that you
must just put your head down and “Charge”! Go full out,
stay focused, and work hard. It is often that distractions
will keep us from reaching our goals.

Unless you have some major, personal reason for stopping your
quest, you really have no good reason to give up. RE-establish
your motivation, focus on what is important, and get mentoring
help if necessary.

Doing my best, so that you can do yours,