Make Money With Your Blog – An Answer


“Make Money With Your Blog” is from a forum post that
asked that question. Some references still exist that
refer back to other posts.

is something that everyone wants to learn how to do,
and a question that I see over and over in forums,
posts, comments, and from the questions of my clients.
Remember that a blog is just a website that is structured
for easy content management (i.e. posts). A blog is
designed to give information. So, isn’t it just logical that
to make money with a blog that you will have to write
about something that people want to read and learn about?
Even though what has been said is correct, there are
reasons to stay away from a few of the suggestions.
PPC (Pay-Per-Click) can get really expensive is you do
not know what you are doing. The general consensus
is that, unless you have a decent budget to start with,
it is best to stay away from PPC – at least at first.
Adsense is also not such a great way (in my opinion)
to make money with your blog as it needs to be
set up properly so it does not detract from the content
and flow of the blog. It is not so easy to do.
But, you did ask how to make money with a blog, and
the very best thing that you can do is to scour your
brain and decide what you know about and like (“And Like”
is really important).
Develop your blog around that topic (posts and such),
and create your own product; one product to give away,
and another to sell. Your giveaway product only needs
to be a few pages, but what if you were to give your
subscriber (get to that in a minute) 20 pages of really
good information on your subject.
Your first impression will be much more lasting,
and your credibility will go through the roof!
As far as the paid product that you create,
relate it to the giveaway topic,
but don’t make it the same.
Another essential in the is the “All Powerful” auto-responder.
The auto-responder is crucial to making money online (the way
you see it supposedly being done by others).
I have gone on a bit long here so…

In a nutshell

Your auto-responder collects email addresses, and sends
back a message to your subscriber. You send out more
great content to your subscribers (kind of like posts, but
specific to your niche), and build up trust with those who
are on your list.
To get people on the list you use a squeeze page (I know
you know what that is) with the super-duper headline
and all that. But, you also put in your sign up form
that you created from within your auto-responder service.
Oh, I almost forgot, that trust that I was talking about
building with your list, you do that with a follow-up
series of emails that you need to write. Many marketers
will tell you that a week of follow-ups is good enough.
I think that it should be at least 3 weeks. Just me.
That squeeze page (mentioned above) will have the
“Plug” for your giveaway product. Then somewhere
in your email follow-ups (5th through 7th), send them to a sales
page for your paid product. Some might buy, or no one will.
So, at email 10-12, you send them back to your sales page.
And so on. These are certainly not set in stone, and will be
varied depending on the niche, and product.
Seems like a lot of work to make money with your
blog – right? YEP! It is at first, but once
things get rolling it is not as time intensive. Plus,
once you catch on to what you are doing, you will
be able to get more done in less time.
Doing my best,
so that you can do yours.