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How would you feel if YOU could get a handle
on YOUR complacency?

Dear Friend,

There are miles of distractions that will manage to find you, and cause you to lose time, focus, and effectiveness. Any, or all of them can make you more complacent about what you are doing during your drive on the road toward a your successful outcome.

You usually do not even know what you are complacent about, yet you are distracted by a multitude of things each and every day, and find yourself "Spinning Your Wheels". The only way that you can conquer and eliminate that Inner Complacency, is to know what it is, and where it comes from.

There is yet another element of complacency that can really set you back. TIME!

When you get complacent, and distracted, you not only lose valuable time, but if you think about it,
you usually will find yourself wasting your time on other things that are less important.

So, not want to waste your time. I have written an article that goes into even more depth than
these conversations that you have read, or are about to read. 

Since out topic has been complacency, it is called "Complacency Re-Visited"
           (catchy title wouldn't you say?).




          You can pick up your copy for only -



 Find out: 

1. About the "Understanding Standstill".

2. How even a little embarrasment can affect your productivity.

3. Why a decision can keep your wheels spinning.

And, of course you will find out that there is more about complacency
than just these 3 things.

You will also learn just how complex the complacency process may be, and
why complacency is not just some "Easy Fix" that can be mastered in a few minutes.

Find out what I mean when I talk about "Active Complacency". 

Since I always like to offer a little something

     >>>   Extra Special  <<<

Yes, it is certainly worth more, but my goal here is
to help you as much as I can.

And so, to my new subscribers, I also want to give you a
copy of my ebook "5 Success Strategies".

In "Strategies" I cover some of the common distractions that we all face every day,
and what you can do to avoid, or deal with them. The information can have a major,
and positive, impact on your work - and your life. 

This information can also put brakes on your wheels! (No More Spinning).

And one more thing. . .

Somewhere along the line you may have "Undiscovered" the importance of your goal.

You are working hard at "Your Goal", but why do you always find that your end result,
what you are trying the hardest to get to, just always seems to be just out of reach?

Have you ever considered that you are not setting your goals properly?

I have written a report for the "Action Taker" in you. 

There is one major mistake that most people make when setting their goals, and
you will find out exactly what that mistake is!

There is no one who has it ALL!  There are many factors that can, and do, affect how much
you can get accomplished, and how effective you are when you work. 

Now you can find out what some of these factors are that are costing you - BIG TIME,
and it will cost you nothing!

           To recap, you get:

---> "Complacency Re-Visited"

---> "5 Success Strategies"

---> "#1 Goal Setting Mistake"

Pick up your copy (and bonuses) now for only:





P.S. Feel free to email me about any questions, or feedback
       that you may have about any of these articles. 
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