How Do I Get Motivated When I’m Not?

How do I get motivated when you aren’t?

how do I get motivated
How do I get motivated is an often asked question.
It is important that you know what motivates
you to do the things that you do?
When you first begin a project, let’s say you are building
a blog, and you are ready to move the world, what exactly
drove you to get started?
You are ready to create a blog to do a multitude
of things (including changing the world as we know it),
and building that business that brings with it
the ability to be your own boss!.
But then what happens to your motivation?
It dwindles, the fire goes out and you are
left with only a few pieces of charcoal.

Now What?

Then you find out that just setting up a blog site
is not quite going to cut it. There is actually work involved,
maybe some of it is a bit difficult to figure out.
For instance, “How do I get people to come to my blog?”
you keep asking yourself. What am I supposed to write about,
I know stuff, but who will want to read what I write?”
Garbage is going through your head, and gives you doubts.
What happens next? Maybe you get depressed, and so, your
motivation fades, and maybe you begin to have doubts.

Maybe, and this really sucks when it happens,
you end up with ALL of that crap going on inside of
your head at once.

How can I get motivated?

Experts tell us that motivation comes in two forms.
The first is that motivation that comes from within you.
You want to work hard to win a gold medal at the Olympics.
You need to save up 30 grand to buy that new car.
These are motivations that come from within.
The second type of motivation then, is that which
comes from something external. An external example
could be working to feed your family. Maybe you feel
compassion, or an obligation to those suffering, and
so you are motivated to give to a charity.
My feelings are, because I work with many clients,
and having an advanced degree in psychology,
that is that any motivation becomes personalized.
In essence, everything that we do is “Selfish”. Of course,
I have no research handy to back this up, and you
should just consider it my opinion.
I will save my reasoning for another time.
For now, let me say that it doesn’t make any
difference what motivates you or why. The important
thing is that you are motivated, and you manage
to get things done.
When you start to ask yourself “How do
I get motivated”, you will want to remember,
and focus on what is important to you, your goals,
and how much time you think that you can waste.
Remember, time is precious, and so is reaching a goal.
Everyone is motivated by something.
Do you know what your motivations are?

Doing my best so that you can do yours.