Ebay for extra cash – in 7 steps

Ebay For Extra Cash – It Works!

Using Ebay for extra cash is a great way to pay an unexpected bill, or to just put a few extra dollars in your pocket.

It is unfortunate that so many people either overlook Ebay, consider it too much work, or just think that they can make more money by doing other things online.

But what about in the meantime? Where is your extra money going to come from?

There is nothing more frustrating than running out of money before your month is over.

Trying to stretch your money is something that you don’t want to do, but is all too often a real problem. A serious problem to which you find yourself spinning your wheels, and beating your head against things trying to figure out where you’re going to get that extra money for gas to get to work.

“Ive got to do something” you tell yourself.

Well, you decide that you will try the online thing. After all, almost everyone is making money online these days. Just how hard can it be?

With that, you go out and get your free website, get an affiliate offer (everyone says that’s the way to go), and you set everything up (you hope) and WOW . . .

But wait a minute, now what? Nothing is happening, no visitors, no money, and now I have spent a truckload of time, effort, and even more money with this online stuff.

“So what’s the deal?”

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Talk about a “Rude Awakening“, but you know that there is more to the internet money gig than you are led to believe by all of the hype and B.S. that makes its way to your inbox.

Back to Ebay

While selling anything online is no longer just a “Walk in the park” Using Ebay for extra cash is one of the easier things that you can do to grab a few extra dollars when you find yourself short at the end of the month.

There are a few things to consider before launching into any new gig. Ebay is no exception. Here are a few things you need to know.

1.  Signing up for Ebay

Before you sign up, be certain to read their rules, guidelines, and policies.

2.  What is selling

Take a look at what is selling, check to see you you have anything similar that you no longer have a use for.

3.  Make it easy

At first you will likely have a few things that you can part with, but these only go so far.

you go out to stores, or see a thrift shop, flea market, or yard sale, take a quick look to see if there is something that is under-priced.

4.  Writing your ads

When writing out your advertising copy (explaining what you are selling), unless you have experience in sales or marketing, it is best not to get too fancy.

Most often the best copy is simple and to the point. Take good photos and let them sell what you are offering on Ebay.

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5. Shipping Charges

Make certain that you check out how much it is going to cost to ship your item.
Depending on where you are shipping to, your shipping costs can vary by quite a bit.

Know the weight and size of the box, or container(with the item in it) that is being shipped.

6. I’m Sending Where?
Ebay allows you to send anywhere in the world (almost).
This may or may not be something that you wish to do.

Make sure that you check everything out before you make this decision.

7. Honesty is your best policy
Whatever you do, don’t falsify what you are selling, or what condition it is in.
Some people do whatever it takes to get the sale, but when your customer
gets his package, and the item is not as you stated in your ad, then your
customer will likely give you a bad rating (yes, Ebay rates both sellers and buyers).

Ebay may not be for everyone, but using ebay for extra cash is still a great way
for most people to put a little extra change into your pocket.
Many people are using Ebay to make a pretty good living.

==> Learn how to make extra money with ebay <==