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What About Performance Coaching?

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What Kind of Coaching Do You Need?

From: Robert Bates 

Dear Friend,

Tell me something. . .

Does this sound familiar?  

You suffer through a day working, thinking, trying - really trying, but when is all said and done, you really have only moved inches instead of miles. 

There are many different types of coaching. Not all coaching is actually called "Coaching", but it is still coaching. A plumber "coaches" his apprentice. New doctors, called "Interns", are coached by experienced physicians.

Have you ever thought about the performances that you do every day? 

Many of the things that you do are not that important such as brushing your teeth,
or driving your car to work. At least they don't seem important to you. 

==>Ask your dentist how well your "Teeth Brushing" performance has been done.
==>When stopped by that police officer, ask him about your driving performance!
==>Maybe your boss is pleased with your performance when you show up late for work.

While these are examples of performance, they don't really matter to you do they?

What really matters are the things that impact you the most.

The things that matter the most to you are things that make you happy, and able to enjoy life.

:-> Comfort
:-> Security
:-> Being liked and loved

But what is really NECESSARY?

What most people are concerned about these days is:


Surviving getting through each day. You hope that you will still have your job.
You can't stand the everyday "Rat Race", but somehow you manage to keep going.

It may be school, a relationship, a job, or your online business.

Maybe you can't seem to get better grades, make your spouse or lover happy, are tired of
being taken advantage of at work, you're just tired all of the time, or are still trying to make your first dollar (after 5 years, or more, of trying to "Make it" online).

Could it be that there is something missing for you? 

Don't you think that MAYBE something needs to change? But What?

  • Your thought process?
  • Your approach?
  • Your methods?

I remember when I used to keep late hours, I was tired all of the time, 
I put my relationship in jeopardy, spent money on everything under the 
sun in an effort to "Get Ahead", and I would still come up "Empty-Handed". 

I put in a lot of time and effort, but it never seemed to be enough. 

I was fortunate enough to have access to a friend who just happened to
also be one of my psychology professors. He was able to change the way
that I thought about myself, and how I approached what I wanted to do.

How about you?

  • Are you working your butt off only to have additional bills to pay?
  • Do you never seem to have enough time to get anything done?
  • How can you be certain that you are working on the right things?
  • Have you wanted to quit, but have too much time and money invested?
  • Still asking the question "What is wrong with me"?
  • "When will I get a break", you wonder.
  • "How much longer can I afford to keep this up"?

The list goes on, and on, and on. 

Your questions may be different than mine were, but the bottom line is that
I was, and you may be, at a standstill - or close to it.

I want to offer you my help. I want to show you how to overcome many of these
obstacles that lie before you in their various shapes and forms.

I was able to make the changes necessary to get results in my life, but not
without years of schooling, research, and getting mentored by the people who
had the knowledge that I wanted.  I had to go and find these folks. 

My background as a Sport Psychology Consultant, and now a Performance Psychology
Consultant, has given me that "Expert Edge" that not many others have.

=> Not life coaches
=> Not self-help "Gurus"
=> Not the self-made "Performance" trainer with a web site
=> Not even 99% of Psychologists, and even fewer Psychiatrists.

I studied, researched, and have talked with many professionals who
deal with their "Bits and Pieces" of performance. 

From all of those "Bits and Pieces", I have been able to re-create myself, and
have been very successful at helping hundreds of people break through their barriers,
and become successful at reaching their goals and dreams.

You may be thinking. . .

Will I be able to stop the "Wheel Spinning"?  Of course you can.
Can I really expect great results? Certainly, but it still takes effort.
"Maybe I can still do it myself" Great! How has that worked out for you so far?

After years of having a successful offline practice, I am convinced that I can now help
even more people through the technology of the internet, and am now bringing
my many years of personal performance training to you.

I am not offering a bunch of "Bells, Whistles, and Promises" that no-one can live up to, but
I am offering you the opportunity to find, understand, and change your weak points so that
you have the knowledge, and the guts to create the kind of change that is. . .   

  • Exhilerating!
  • Amazing!
  • Invigorating!

Here's the deal.  

I am offering you one month of 1-on-1 help.  I want you to succeed.

  • 30 days of email consultations - Contact me for help anytime!
  • 30 days of personal attention - 1-on-1 attention!
  • 30 days of my personal evaluation - I will monitor your progress!
  • 30 days of "Priority Attention" - You come first!
  • 30 days of continuous training - No modules, no ebooks, just my personal input!

I know that you have probably been throwing your money away on things that don't work.

I totally understand that you would not have read this far if you were not in a position that
requires careful consideration of where you are going, what you REALLY want to do, and 
just how much money you can spend.

I could probably charge a lot of money for one month of professional consultations like I have set up here.  My recent charges were upwards of $200/hr. (even at that I came cheap).

I want you to be able to "Try me out" - TEST ME!

Your cost will only be:  $57 for the first month.

1 Month Membership - $57


3 Month Membership - $97

*7 day Trial Membership - $7

pay with paypal

- Secure Payment with PayPal -

If I do not live up to your expectations, simply tell me, and
no further charges will be made, and we will close your account.

If you wish to continue monthly, your cost will only be $39/month.

I will not try to force you into anything. 

There is one caution that I would like to throw out to you.

If you walk away from my offer, then you are still in your "Survival" mode. 

You may lose your ability to maximize your potential.

You must first find your potential before you can maximize it.

"Maximizing Potential" does not just happen to most of us, it has to be learned.

What is school all about? Learning to read, write, and hopefully, think.

For some, this is enough. For others (and most of us are in this category - including myself), we need additional guidance to maximize our skills.

By maximizing our skills, or gaining new ones, we are able to make ourselves more:

  • Confident
  • Efficient
  • Desireable to others
  • And much more!

When others want and need you, then you are in demand.

What does this mean?

It means that you are not only socially desireable (being liked and loved), but you also have skills that others are willing to pay for, which makes you (and others) more profitable.

How would you feel if you were to become: More Confident, More Efficient, and
More Desireable?

How would you feel if you could learn how to control and maximize
what you already know, and create a

=> Fearless  => Effective  => Sought After  => FULLY MAXIMIZED YOU?

Many people do well, but if you want to create your "Killer" mindset, and develop the skills that are necessary to excel, and go "Above and Beyond" the norm, and not just go through the motions of your daily routine, then IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU CONSIDER THIS OFFER.

"I cannot thank Mr. Bates enough. I am a musician who tried out for the Chinese Symphony Orchestra. Out of over 300 musicians trying out for only one spot, I was chosen.

I could not have done it without his help.  Thanks."

             Daniel, IL

1 Month Membership - $57


3 Month Membership - $97

*7 day Trial Membership - $7

pay with paypal

- Secure Payment with PayPal -

You can do many things, but investing in yourself is the one thing that
will benefit you the most.

Robert Bates

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