Success Is Not Just A “Buzz” Word

Is your success just becoming a “Buzz Word”?

When you decided to become a success (how long ago was that?),
just when did you actually become successful, and
how did you
know that you DID become a success?

The BIG fact remains that most people regard themselves as
having “Made It” when they have made a certain amount of
money.  Herein lies another problem.
Exactly how much money
do you need to be able to say that you have “Made It”?

As with many of us, you have likely said to yourself at one time
or another that you wanted to make X amount of money, at
least you thought about it.  What happened?  Here is what 
happened.  You JUST thought about it, but did not pursue it. 

What you (and myself at one time), and many others have failed to
understand, is that these people who scrape themselves up from the
, and have not been given their money and/or opportunity
through family ties, have gone through a process to be successful.

Part of the process is to make a decision about what you want.
Doesn’t it make sense to have a good idea of where you want
to vacation, so that you can plan how much money, time, etc. that
you will need for your journey?

Setting things up so that you don’t have a lot of surprises on down
the road is an important factor for success.  Logic tells us that we
cannot eliminate all of the unknowns in what we do, but we can
usually stay ahead of them if we stick to our plans. 

You plan out your day, you plan out your garden and landscaping,
yet when it comes to something as important as planning out
your future objectives, why aren’t you planning them?
Maybe now is the time to begin.

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Doing my best,
so that you can do yours.