How to maintain when the world around you is going nuts!

Have you ever felt like “Going off the deep end” because it seem like everyone and everything around you is going out of control?

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Adding Value and Market Smarts

So, just what DOES it take to add value and market smarts in your business, or at least give the impression of having that added value in your products or services?

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Circular thinking may cost you

The circular thinking process, also known as Circular Reasoning, is basically just that.  You create a thought that does not go beyond your original starting point.

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What does your time look like?

How often do you realize that you have managed to waste the better part of your day? 

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Easiest eBay money that you will ever make.

Do I need a blog? Do I want a blog?
What is a blog?

You have probably asked yourself these questions and more. 
This will answer a few of your questions right now.

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Quick and easy goal setting

Way back in the 1960’s two psychologists studied the effect of goal setting on performance.

Locke and Latham found that goal setting can increase performance in 90% of those who set goals.

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Do you easily lose focus
when you work?

Do you often find yourself in that “Mindless” state where your thoughts just don’t focus on what you really need to be doing? 

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