Are You A Stressful Thinker Needing Help?

Are you a stressful thinker

Do you harbor thoughts that are stress producing,
or stress reducing?

Do you walk along the beach and think about the
shark that might jump out of the water at you,
and grab that drink out of your hand?


Do you walk on the beach and enjoy the water
washing up on the shore, and the sunset that
shines on the water and waves?

When the movie “Shark” first came out many years
ago, some people were so affected by it that they
did not even want to take a bath.

Sounds a bit silly now, but many people were so
frightened that they became irrational.

So today, you may have many problems that send
you into thinking about the worst case scenario,
“Only the worst can come out of this”.


You may decide that the only way out is to
sit down and think of what you can do to minimize
the fallout from the problem.

Two different lines of thought, but the same problem.
The first way, the stressful thinker way, is only going to produce
more anxiety, and likely more problems, health
not excluded.

When you are faced with a difficult situation,
and everything seems hopeless, rather than
giving up because you just can’t seem to find any answers,
talking to a friend, or a professional
should not be ruled out.

When you feel more stressed, you tend to think
to yourself in more stressful terms. For example,
if your car has a flat tire on the road, you may
begin to wonder, “What caused this”? Then you begin to
think well maybe there might be something else wrong
that could have contributed to the flat.
Never mind that you just ran over a nail,
your car is now starting to fall apart.
Funny thing is, it is only two days old.
Aren’t you happy that it is still under warrantee?

If you find yourself in a stressful situation,
you will want to try to calm yourself down,
take that deep breath, and don’t panic.
You can’t solve problems in panic mode.
The sooner you face the problem, the easier
it will be for you in the long run.

Pessimist, optimist. Your glass half-empty,
or half full. Whatever philosophy that you
have for dealing with stress, it is important
to be able to face your stressors head on,
or they will control you, instead of
you being in control.

Doing my best,
to help you do yours.


Getting Started and Staying Motivated To Improve Productivity

Getting started and to stay motivated can be tough, but losing motivation can really be a productivity “Killer”.

Everyone finds themselves in the situation where they
either just don’t feel like doing things, or they are unable
to put their thoughts together which makes getting started
a bit difficult.

When getting started is a struggle, staying motivated to
continue moving forward can also be a struggle that can
be a real problem for your productivity.

how to stay motivated

Here are a couple of things that you can do to maintain
your thoughts, stay motivated, and keep your productivity.

First,be sure that you are organized.
Get together the things that you know you will need
before getting started for the day.  This will be one less
thing to worry about when you begin.

Everyone has SOME method of organizing,

it is just that some methods outperform others.
Whatever your method is, you can update it.

Find ways to consolidate some of the things
that you do to make them more efficient.

Things that you haven’t used for 10 years can
probably be discarded – unless they hold some emotional,
or financial, value.

The problem that you may have is that you consider
everything to have value.

Second, If you find yourself with a mental block,
take out a pad of paper and a pencil (not the computer
keyboard), and just start writing down ideas related to
your project.  At some point something WILL “Click” for you.

Third, If you just don’t seem to be motivated, then break up
your work into short 15-30 minute chunks of time.  Then take
a 10 minute break. You will likely find that at some point you
will be able to work better, and longer once you actually get started.

Doing my best,
so that you can do yours.


Self-esteem Can Push You Toward Success

How Self-esteem can push you towards success.

It can be, and often is, very difficult for you and others to “Let Go”
of these negative, branded emotions, feelings, attitudes, or whatever
psychological conflict that may manifest itself in terms of emotional
habits and your behavioral responses to them.  Self-esteem suffers
under these conditions and success becomes even more difficult to achieve.

Success usually comes to you when, in spite of your inner conflicts,
you can pull together your thoughts and ideas into an organized plan
that overrides your “Branded” fears and emotions which results in
much greater self-esteem. This NEW plan then takes over and you
can now simply follow it through to its finish.

Without the belief that you can accomplish a task that might seem
“superhuman” at times, most people will never even try to make their
dreams a reality. If you are successful, it is likely that you will rate
high on the self-efficacy scales.

Everyone has doubts about their abilities,

but only a few individuals are
able to break through that barrier by finding the right combination to
unlock that mental locker containing all of those negative reminders,
and can clean that locker out. Those who are successful are able to
replace much of the negative information with positive attributes that
will continue to help them succeed for the rest of their lives.

Have you ever wondered why only the top 1% in most any field become
highly successful, while others who still work very hard find varying levels
of success? Much of this is due to how they think about themselves, their
self-esteem, and their abilities. Once you have determined that you can fail,
you have set yourself up TO fail.  

What’s the answer? Train your mind to wash out the garbage, and be self-aware
of how you REALLY are,  what  you can do, and your real self-worth, so that you
can mold your emotions and your outlook into the success that you were meant
to have all along.  


     Dump Your Trash!





Doing my best, so that
you can do yours.


Time Shifting

Shifting your time to maximize your day.

Have you ever thought about how you can organize your time so
that you can maximize your day?

There is nothing worse than running out of money before
your month is over.  Right up there is running out of
time before you have finished the end of your day.

Maybe it’s time to take your day back by tossing in
just a tiny bit of organizing.  The best time to do this is
either the evening before, or the first thing in the morning.

There is nothing magic or complicated about doing this.
Time does not stand still, so don’t waste it trying to
over-think what I am about to tell you.  This is simple,
and should save you a few minutes a day.  Those
minutes add up to hours, to days, etc.

Whenever you do this, you will need to write this
down on paper, not just type letters into your computer.
How may things on your computer do you forget about,
and/or ignore?  The same goes for your smart phone.
The “Smarties” are great for some things, but organizing
takes putting things into your head so that you remember
what you need to do.

Here we go. . .

1. Organize your most important things to do for the day.

2. Try to order them in the order that each will be done.

3. Decide which tasks will take you where. In other words,
Are all of your tasks done in front of a computer?
Which projects take you out of your home or office?

Okay, so far nothing really new. Here is where the “Time Shifting”
comes into play.

There are other minor things that you know that you will be doing.
Maybe it’s picking up stamps from the post office,
or getting gas in your car.

If any of your tasks involve going out, then take that opportunity to do
those outside tasks (i.e. getting gas, stamps).


When working online do not try to do these time saving
short cuts as working online does not allow for letting
you save time in this way. Unless your are ULTRA-organized,
this “Time Shifting” method will only serve to distract
you, and waste your time if you work online.

Doing my best, to help you do yours,


time is money, so make the most of your time

Everyone has heard the phrase “Time is Money”.  
Wasting time is also

wasting part of your precious life.
 If you are young this means little to you, but

if you are getting older,
then you are certainly aware of how quickly time passes.

          Even if you are a younger person
who is working hard to get ahead.

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