Artificial Intelligence Conundrum

  The Artificial Intelligence Conundrum

The Hubub
Quickly, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is information that has
been computer generated. Sounds kind of boring right?

Wrong! This new technology is nothing less than amazing.

Using AI you can write poetry, create art, you can even
have it do our homework (careful teach).

“Teach” – Funny You Should Mention It

Where we are at now is that there is going to be a huge number of
people who are going to use Artificial Intelligence (AI from here on out)
to write their emails, blog posts, and create ebooks and courses – on
everything. These folks will not know their butt from a hole-in-the-ground
about the subject. It will be totally and completely done with some
sophisticated computer program.

You might even be using this new (which it isn’t) technology.

The reason I say it isn’t is that if you have ever “Googled” anything,
then you have used AI. This is just much more sophisticated as
programs go.

How It Works
It’s pretty simple. You tell the program what you want, and it
gives you what you asked for.

The information that it comes up with usually sounds pretty good,
because the AI programs do quite a good job following the
rules of good writing (mostly).

If as a marketer, or content developer, you know nothing about the subject
you are going to write about, then you are not only short changing yourself,
but also your readers.

Yeah, you might be right – but so what?
Unfortunately, that will be the attitude of many online marketers
and content developers.

“If it sounds good, and people buy it, what’s the difference if
it’s garbage or not?”  – anonymous marketer

Thankfully, (aside from myself) there are many reputable people
out there who are actually trying to look out for YOUR best interest,
and want to give you the best information they can from their
education and experience.

Bottom line is that I care, and so do many other information providers
who are in business online, or are more hobbyists just trying to
inform you about things.

Here’s the “WHAT”
Integrity aside, don’t you want the best information that you can get
when you search online? Well, so does everyone else. That said,
you also want experience and personal help if you need it.

Information on almost anything is already out there (that is where
AI collects its information), so for many things you can just use
your favorite search engine.

Why do people like YouTube so much? Seeing someone who
is either demonstrating what you want to learn, or talking
about something from experience, training, or education
is something that allows you to have more confidence
in the information you are receiving.

Simply using Artifical Intelligence to get or give you information
does not generate the same level of trust and confidence
as a more personalized level of information will provide.

You go to Google and get frustrated because you find the
same (often exactly the same) information on site after site
that comes up from your search. So, you finally find a site
that seems different.

You click a couple of links, and what you read seems logical,
and has a slightly different take than all of that plagiarized
information that you have been reading.

The next thing you find yourself doing is signing up for
some free information, possibly paying money for some
additional training.

So, lwhy did you decide to sign up, and perhaps spend
your money? What made the difference?

=> Was it different information?

=> Was it that the site was set apart from the information
that was obviously the same, and was just copied and
pasted by other sites?

=> Was it that the information seemed more “Real” to you?

=> Maybe you really, really liked what you read, saw, or heard?

=> Could be you are/were just desperate

Whatever the reason(s), Artificial Intelligence is going to
change a lot of things. It will sound good, maybe even
will be good (to a point), but it will not be able to evaluate
correctly the specific problems that you may be having.

Proof in the pudding

How do I know these problems with AI exist?
When I asked AI software for the pro’s and Con’s
of using AI, here is what the software stated…

The Pro’s are that it is a rapidly advancing technology. Here is what
AI said about itself its negatives. . .

AI text generation is a rapidly advancing field with many potential applications, however, its current inadequacies limit its effectiveness and accuracy. AI text generation cannot replicate or replace the creativity, nuance and sentiment of text produced by humans, which makes it a less than suitable solution for certain scenarios. In addition, ethical considerations also arise due to the inherent biases present in the algorithms of AI text generation.”

For general information AI can give you a lot of good basic context from
which you can get ideas, and create from them. This will save a lot of time
for many people.

When someone who knows little or nothing about a subject tries to create and
promote educational material about which they are completely clueless, then
there is a major disconnect between what is important, ethical, and possibly even legal.

I am trained and educated in sport and performance psychology. I also have over
45 years of coaching experience, both in the classroom and out.

If I were to ask AI to write a course to sell about how to be a heart surgeon, then I would be doing a major disservice to my readers, general public, any customer who actually bought
this as a product, and also to myself.

Only by writing about what you know well will you be able to eliminate
flaws in the material, put things into context for your reader, and offer
any necessary feedback for your readers as well as ongoing future help.

If you are using , or thinking about using AI for your business or otherwise,
you might think that you are actually getting the answers that you want.

This is really misleading, and not necessarily effective in giving the type
of feedback and information that readers and customers really need.

When I write about a subject, I often go to actual research papers that
have been published on the specific subject I am researching. By doing this
I can evaluate how much information is logical, credible, and worth passing
on to you.

Artificial Intelligence is not able to evaluate, or determine what is relevant
to any specific situation. If you have the knowledge, experience, and education,
you will be able to make these determinations.

Bottom line, ________ be careful if you use AI for anything. Be sure that AI is
suitable for what you are using it for, and if the results will be effective for
your end person or result.

Also, be very wary about buying coaching, training materials, or other
complex information packages being sold. Make certain that the person
selling the information is not someone who is selling as an “Affiliate”.
If you do not have the choice to have personal access with the person
who has developed the information, then run-don’t walk, away from
these offers.

I am always available at least by email, but now more than ever I suggest
a personal phone call, or skype call where you can actually speak with
me and ask questions.

If you haven’t signed up for my emails, then do so now (
I will be giving you the opportunity to talk with me personally.
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