Have you ever wondered why there is so much "Wheel Spinning",
and seemingly, so many obstacles to overcome
just to make a few bucks online?

My name is Robert Bates M.S., and I am a student of Sean Mize.  

Recently Sean shared a conversation with his psychologist friend Bruce Hoag about this concept that one thing that holds folks back is the illusion, and sometimes promise, that the journey to success is an easy one.
In reality, the steps are hard.

Therefore, when folks try to do what they continually see and are told is "easy" but it turns out "hard," much harder than they have been led to believe, they then conclude that they aren't doing something right. 

Now the search goes on for a new way, a better way, that "Easier" way - when in fact they are simply prolonging their wheel-spinning that leads to a lack of progress, and continued frustration.

I sent Sean back an email with some of my thoughts about these concepts.

Sean liked my ideas enough to ask me to share them with you - his readers. 

Here is the email conversation that I had with Sean after reading
his original conversation with psychologist Bruce Hoag.

Read the original conversation between Sean and Bruce, and get the "Deep Background".


Bob Writing:

"Did Bruce give you any ideas on how to "Shake people out of their complacency?".

I agree that everything that bounces across the sales page says "Easy". Some people actually do put in a lot of time and effort, but come away empty handed. Many of these people are working their butts off (or think they are), but are just doing the wrong things, and are running in circles.

I agree that marketers have given a lot of misleading sales information. "Make money in your pajamas", "Money while you sleep" (what could be easier), and other nonsense. There is also the "Quick Money" angle. "$5421 in 13 seconds", etc. You know the garbage. This kind of thing has likely been going on since the advent of advertising.

I also agree that complacency is a success killer. I also think that complacency and laziness are closely related. Do you think that there is any such thing as "One Size Fits All" marketing? Nice thought maybe. One thing that I do think is that if you do stumble and fall, that you should fall forward and not back. If you choose to get up, then you are closer to your goal.

Interesting conversation, and one that encourages thinking and *personal engagement.

*Personal engagement => Complacency Removal => Action => Focus => Move Forward => Goal.

Just a train of thought that I wanted to jot down, as I liked the complacency idea. Maybe it makes sense.

One thing seems to follow the other. I'm sure that your friend Bruce would also say that there is more to getting people motivated than just telling people how hard they need to work.

Progress stops for many reasons:

1. Questions>Uncertainty>Fear>Loss of Focus>Procrastination>No Action.  
2. Searching for more knowledge instead of working with existing knowledge.
3. Can't make decisions, or won't make them.
4. Organizing - what's that? ... and the list goes on.

Obviously, your email did make an impression, and also encouraged a reply.
Although, you may not have anticipated such a long reply from me.


Read the original conversation between Sean and Bruce, and get the "Deep Background".


Sean writing:

Bob I'm sure he has at one time or another!!! But you are so right . . . its easy to get stuck spinning wheels, it's just really really easy . . and it's takes almost superhuman effort to break out of it . . . In my opinion, some deep, strong desire has to drive the dream . .. and that desire has to be strong enough to break the bond of complacency . . .


Bob Writing:
Hi Sean. That deep, strong desire is (I believe) called motivation. A very tricky word. Why is it that some people are not even motivated to stay alive, while others seek perfection in everything? Unfortunately, the reach is only just so long.

On the positive side, it sometimes happens that something, someone, or just that "Act of God" will strike that well-hidden match within, and then there is no stopping it. The fire grows until it consumes everything.

That just led me to wonder... If that is the case (which it seems to be), and there are some people who seem to be sparked by something or someone - or that "Act of God", then would it logically follow that maybe, just maybe, there might be something for anyone and everyone that can spark that fire within?

It would just be a matter of finding that needle in that haystack. I know from your emails, sales copy, and products that your thinking is going in that direction.

Your part of the conversation mentions the fact that you didn't just have things handed to you. It is interesting that there is so much out there. Everyone wants something for nothing (I wonder how many squeeze pages I can find that will fill up my hard drive with more garbage?). If you get my point!

I was thinking about this and thought, "Well, people will only be happy if you set up a profitable business for them". Then I realized that it is already being done. You can buy profitable websites already. Keeping them profitable is the challenge.

Answers? I just realized that I don't have any. I can guess that you may have more questions.

Take care Sean.

Sean Writing:
Bob it's hard, hard, hard to spark that fire externally . . . I've been able to be a part a few times, but it's usually one on one and I think that occasionally someone hears something on one of my calls and "gets it" but rare . . . if you could discover the solution, you could bottle it !

Read the original conversation between Sean and Bruce, and get the "Deep Background".

I want to thank Sean for his continued efforts (and emails) that keep me inspired to improve.   

I also want to thank all of you who are taking the time to read this article. 


Robert Bates

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