The 3 biggest mistakes new marketers make.

I'm not sure that I should be talking on this topic, because I have
really made some "Doozies" of mistakes (and still often do),
but I have finally managed to keep them to a minimum.

As a new marketer you will be making a ton of mistakes.  
That is just the learning process.

You just don't want to have that "Learning Process" suck up everything in your wallet!

One of the first things that new marketers find themselves
doing is going all over the place searching for answers to
questions.  This takes a lot of time, money, and patience.

It is really aggravating to spend a lot of time and money
trying to start a business online, only find that
nothing seems to be working.

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Now, the 3 biggest mistakes new marketers make. . .

The first thing that you need to do as a new marketer
is to find someone who is willing to share some of their
with you.

"Someone who is truly knowledgeable in a subject will not be afraid to share that knowledge with someone else.

The reason that people don't share their knowledge, is that they never had it in the first place."      

         -  Author unknown

There are many marketers out there who are willing to explain how to 
create a business onine - for free! Yet, I see people who are new, and not so 
new, buying all kinds of training that may or may not be of any benefit to them.

There are forums specifically set up for marketers where you can ask questions
of other marketers.  You can go to the website of many marketers and find their
contact information.  Many will be willing to help, but of course, some will ignore
your request - so what?

The point is, if you just go randomly searching for answers by buying truckloads of
programs and spending boatloads of money, you are probably wasting your time
and your money.  That is money that could be used to actually get that business
up and running.

#2  Another major player in the failure system of the new marketer is DISTRACTION.  

When you first start out online, what is really happening is that you trying to learn and bring things together into one coherent mess (until you "Get It"). 

Until now, you have only been online simply "Looking" at things.  Sure, you Goggle this and Giggle that, but there is only the "Idea" of something that is maybe bigger, better, and more beneficial in some way. You really have no focus on a business.

Once you begin trying to start an online business, you are now working mostly online.  You now have to deal with garbage emails that you may or may not want, and a multitude of other distractions that only confound and confuse.

You must now decide what is important to your particular business.  Each business has its own direction. It is up to you to
decide which direction your business will take.

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#3  The last beast that you must watch out for is the "Beast of Many Solutions".  This "Beast" comes disguised as the Solution To All Of Your Problems.  You may have heard this called "The Shiny Object Syndrome".

Every successful person online has gotten STUCK!  When you start out you also get "Stuck".  What do you do?  You flip clicks until you see someone offering a solution to your problem (or so you think), and you buy it.  You buy the product, and in a very short time realize that it did not solve the problem, but only added to it.  Now you are really STUCK!

What is unfortunate is that this behavior can go on and on, and cost you a lot of money, not to mention the time you spend trying to figure out how this new "System" is suppose to work.

Before you lose any more time and money, think about going back to "Mistake #1".  GET HELP!  Don't keep buying the latest and greatest anything until you understand why you need it, or even if you can use it.

Quick story (an a true one).  I mentioned that I made a lot of mistakes, here is one of them.  I bought a product that was suppose to help me build a bigger list.  I bought it, but then I realized that for it to work, I needed to have a substantial list in place already.  That is something that was not disclosed in the sales material - for obvious reasons.

Once you understand your business, and the marketing side of the internet, you will still buy products, but they will usually be things that will save you time and money.  

There you have it.

The 3 biggest mistakes that new marketers make.

In a nutshell: 

1. Get helpful information from people who have             been working online for a while.  Ask questions.

2. Avoid distraction, and understand the basic needs       of your business.  Then focus on those needs.                                                                                                  
3. Make sure that you are buying for the right

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