Everything We Promised You Will Be
Sent To Your Inbox Shortly ...

While you wait for your materials to arrive via email, I want to make certain that you are going to get the most out of your experience with your goals.

You may have found yourself in a situation where you just can't quite get out of a rut.

You may often find yourself doing the same things, making the same mistakes (I didn't learn very quickly), and essentially "Spinning Your Wheels", and ending up not
making any apparent progress.  YOU KNOW THAT YOU HAVE DONE A LOT OF WORK!

Knowing how to Set your goals is essential to making progress, but even knowing how
to set goals may not be enough. Sometimes it takes that little "Extra" push to make things happen, and to create those dreams and make them reality.  

What would you say if I told you that I can help you realize those dreams?

What would you say if I said that I would help you for FREE, Nothing, Nada?

That "FREE THING" always sounds pretty good doesn't it? But, I know exactly what you are thinking... "Sure dude, what's the catch?"  If that is what comes to mind, then you are absolutely correct in your thinking.  That is what I want to hear - actually, because you are exactly the kind of person who is going to "Make It"!

I want to be your coach for two entire weeks (14 days).  I want to help you make the progress that you are searching for, but haven't been able to have for yourself. 

After your two weeks, if you think that you want more help, I will make you an offer, but
at the moment that is not important.  Your two weeks are absolutely FREE!

Working on the internet can be treacherous at best when you are trying to get things
accomplished and getting your work finished.  Sometimes you may not even know what you need to be doing, or when you need to be doing it.  Have you ever experienced "Brain Freeze", and not the kind that you get from eating ice cream, but the kind that you get from Information Overload!

Briefly, what I will cover will be:

>> Setting up your thinking
- How you think can impact what you do

>> Proper use of your resources
- What resources to you "Really" have?

>> Your Follow Through
- It is the "Follow Through" that is often missed!

These are your first steps to getting things done.  

Enough Talk.  If you are interested in my help, then you will need to fill in your email so that I can start you on your road to progress.  Yes, I know that I already have it, but
I am going to place it in a special category for organizational purposes.  

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at: [email protected].  Put in the
subject line (14 day coaching).  I am also going to ask for your name so that we can get
to know each other a little bit.  

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